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The floor is one of the household appliances to be repaired at some point. Spring Construction and Design, Inc. offers hundreds of flooring options for our customers to choose from. Our hardwoods are available in many popular wood types, ranging from classic oak to exotic tropical forest wood.

If you like the look of ceramic tiles and you do not like the cold hard surface, you can use vinyl sheets and vinyl deluxe floor collections with a range of tiles, stone, slate sheets and a warm touch under the foot. Spring Construction and Design, Inc. offers vinyl flooring easy to clean laminates and linoleum flooring.

Spring Construction and Design, Inc. gives the ideal value, excellent price, excellent service and excellent quality for our customers. Our installation flooring experts help in flooring measure, installation and cleaning, providing a professional 100% satisfaction guarantee, from the first spot to the end, for the excellent price you expect.


It is necessary to select hardwood flooring or laminate, Spring Construction and Design, Inc. offers an extensive collection of options. There are several types of hardwoods used for our customers and, to this day, they continue to appreciate the work, which will increase our value and our reputation in using the wood floor for office and residential areas. At Spring Construction and Design, Inc., our expert team specialist helps improve the choice for our customers by increasing their imagination and with the best wood flooring to use to get the best results.

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